Healing Through Motorcycling

Today, I will literally talk to you. This is my first attempt on Vlogging, totally unscripted and also the wrong picture format. Next time, it’ll be better … I promise!

Watch it till the end, hear my secret and please comment, like, and follow.

Until a woman can receive herself,

she will unconsciously force others to reject her,

despite the fact that her most conscious desire

is to be loved

~Marion Woodman~

3 thoughts on “Healing Through Motorcycling

  1. WOW… we have gone thru so many things the same way… however, I am not a motorcyclist… does not matter… I believe everyone needs to search themselves to find themselves…and not to listen to others… it is your life….I have done it too… My way… Just like you Chris…. It takes a lot of courage and strength, but once you get out of the maze… the light will shine bright and clear and you will not doubt yourself anymore…(maybe a little bit, since there is always this 1%…) but, it is damn well worth it… you only have this one life… don’t let anybody rule it… take the action and be your own ruler! Live your life the way you want to live it… and not the others… they just lucked out and are trying to live their dreams thru you…


    1. Hey MJ 😀 … thank you for watching and listening to my ramblings!!! Yep, I have an accent. Even after 25 years, it’s still very noticeable, but it could be worse, I could sound like Arnold … hahahaha


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