It Has Been A While …

It has been a while, since I wrote my thoughts and feelings down. I wasn’t even sure, if I would keep this blog, but I guess, I will … at least as a kind of journal for myself.

Lately, I’ve spent a lot less time on social media, or creating content for it. I am no longer concerned or even interested in statistics or numbers. Anyone unfollowing, no problem, I just don’t care anymore. I closed our online leather shop and we are focusing more on custom work and eventually artisan markets. We are in the fortunate position to not have to rely on our leather work financially, which keeps our love and passion for this beautiful craft alive.

Instead of keeping up with the online motorcycle community by visiting online groups and reading post for hours, or writing and posting frequently about our moto life, I am actually living it. I am very present in the moment, not thinking about how this moment could make a good social media post. Don’t get me wrong, I am still posting quite often but I no longer feel obligated to do so. We even changed the name of our Facebook page to “Old Farts & Motos” and we just love it! So much more lighthearted and fun.

Quite a few people have lost interest in us, after we dropped a certain “title” … another valuable lesson learned! But it is all good! The ones who matter and are really interested and care, are still around and new friends have entered our life. Sometimes it feels like I’ve got so caught up in this fake reality, I was actually wasting precious time.

Over the past few months I learned that most of our true friends aren’t online, they are on motorcycles, riding right next to us, laughing with us, crying with us. They don’t care if we look a bit disheveled, they don’t care that we are not wearing the latest trends in motorcycle attire, the fact that we are older riders does earn us the respect of our younger moto friends and the riders who are older than us inspire us on a daily basis! It isn’t about image, or how popular we are on social media anymore. It is about real friendship, camaraderie, banter, laughter, and our mutual love and passion for riding motorcycles, any kind, any size, any brand … it doesn’t matter.

So life has been really good for me lately. I am finally caught up in my own life again!

This is a slide show from last Sunday’s breakfast ride with some old and some new moto friends. We had a blast!

My kindness is not weakness!

What an intense couple of months I had. After my panic attack which led me to take a social media break, I, again, looked very closely at my life and relationships, the good ones and the not so good ones, the ones that are real and the ones that weren’t. I cut ties, walked away from responsibilities that weren’t really rewarding, and I decided to focus on the things, people, and communities who really matter … and how refreshing this is!

Once again I realized that some people mistake my kindness for weakness. I am consciously choosing to be a kind and compassionate person, because there are already way too many assholes walking this earth, but my kindness and compassion has limits! When I realize that someone is trying to use me for their benefit, however that may look like, I will step on the kindness-break and let them know that being kind AND having an accent, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am an idiot. Quite the contrary! I am an educated, well rounded, smart woman who really has her shit together and if you can’t see that, guess who’s the idiot??? As soon as I don’t let them order me around or I take a stand for myself, I get labeled a bitch, a bad friend, a disloyal person, etc … but how about, a strong woman, a woman who lives her own life by her own rules, not yours!

Well, I am pretty much over all of this and can’t wait to leave for vacation in a couple of weeks. Of course that will involve Mike, the dogs, Homie the RV, and Olive & Emilie our Royal Enfield motorcycles. Speaking of motorcycles, a week ago we got two, used, Yamaha Bolts and we couldn’t be more in love with our “new” bikes.

Meet Bonnie & Clyde, the Yamaha Bolts, and Mike the love of my life ❤


Softness is not weakness.

It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.

~Beau Taplin